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Boris Shershenkov(Russia/France) — sound-artist, constructor of musical instruments

Field Recording Lab 2023

The 2023 Field Recording Lab is dedicated to the synesthetic study of the light environment of Kirkenes, border town beyond the Arctic Circle. Technogenic light streams are created according to the inertia of human vision and carry a large amount of "hidden sounds" — information that is invisible to the eye, but located within the temporal limits of our auditory perception.
With the help of custom-made light-sensitive microphones the laboratory participants «listened» the light landscapes of the city and created a light and sound map of the area. These lightscapes are combined from various sources of electric light such as advertising constructions, car headlights and street lighting. As part of the laboratory, participants became co-authors of light-sound walk routes, performers of a cartographic piece and participated in a joint sound performance as part of the public program at Barents Spektakel festival.
Cover photo by Kjell Gunnar Monsen

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