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Digital Heritage

Unсapitals is the international art-residency for the artists from the Nordic countries and North-West Russia, which implies the concept of cultural centres decentralisation from the traditional «capitals» to the regions.

This year theme is «Digital heritage» and the project team is exploring Arkhangelsk region to create and present the interactive installation of the subjective version of Pomor Museum in VR format.

This is the collective art-project where the team of young artists and cultural workers are getting aquatinted with the ancient Pomor traditions, history and culture. During the few days of residency the participants is going to create a digital version of Pomor museum by rethinking the information from encyclopaedias. The project is on the verge of imagination and reality, which is mixing historical facts and mythology, the newest technologies and art, the contemporary pop-culture and traditional Pomor way of living.

The project is supported by The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK) and The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

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