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Forgotten Mythology

«UnCapitals» creative camp is based on the concept of decentralization of cultural centers «from the capitals to remote areas».

Uncapitals 2016 moves to the space of Karelian Olonets, one of the oldest residential places in the Russian North, where several peoples and cultures come together. This is a place with deep historical and mythological roots and a former key trading point for the Northern Europe.

Project team develops an old story on the cutting edge between fact and fable concerning the Olonets fortress, an unassailable wall which existed in the 17th century. Participants submerge into the space of this small Karelian town, getting acquainted with its history, lifestyle and modernity.

The artists try to rethink the surrounding reality in their own creative way: street artists are working with surfaces within the town; musicians, inspired by the pastoral landscape of Olonets, are recording a regular collaborative set-list for the project; a joint team of journalists, IT-developers and graphic designers are creating an Internet platform

The project is supported by The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK) and The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

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