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Into the Industrial

«Unсapitals» — is an art conference in the Barents region, based on the concept of decentralization of cultural focus. What does it mean? The cultural centers move from the capitals to remote towns.

Uncapitals 2015 plunges into the industrial space of Apatity, one of Murmansk region’s single-industry towns. Participants, alongside with the project team, research the Soviet architectural heritage, industry capacities in process and separate branches of Geology, Science and Scientific Services.

The town becomes an example of half-told stories of Soviet project engineers, municipal and regional authorities, who put the construction and development plan of the town on hold due to the 90s crisis. The project attempts to bring new meanings into the space of typical Northern single-industry town which became trivial and not so neighbourly.

The project is supported by The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People (NORDBUK) and The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

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Into the Industrial /