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Applications for the art-residency and potential ideas of collaboration projects are accepted all the year round

FM Residency

Fridaymilk is a unique art residency over the Polar circle based in Murmansk. It aims at professional artists working with technological forms of art and media. We invite artists, musicians, filmmakers, curators, art critics and writers to the fascinating and contradictory space of the Russian North: the industrial, rumbling quarries of monotowns on the one hand and the snow-white, meditative, crispy frost tundra on the other.

FM residency is aimed at Russian and international artists who are ready to reflect and rethink the local northern context in their works. Developing individual and joint projects by invited artists, we are elaborating the idea of decentralization of cultural centers and are forming a new artistic community far from official capitals, inspired by technological forms of art. Together with artists, we are trying to formulate the basis of the new “northern identity”, blurring the boundaries and moving along the horizontal waves of the northern regions and countries.

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