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Polina Medvedeva (the Netherlands, Amsterdam) — visual artist, filmmaker Tonya Gorbacheva (Russian, Murmansk) — filmmaker, project coordinator

Murmansk Prospekt Doc 2019

The Fictional Documentation Lab is a three-day workshop for creative students as well as journalists, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians. From 4 to 6 February, participants will immerse themselves in working with urban space, develop their own visual representation of Murmansk and show the results of their work on February 8 at the conference of the international festival "Inversion".

The laboratory is part of a large research project "Murmansk Prospekt", during which artists from Russia and the Netherlands immerse themselves in and rethink the historical past, present and future of the largest city in the Arctic Circle. The curators and participants of the project are trying to find new meanings of life in the North and reflect on the old ones in order to formulate the concept of a new northern identity together.

The participants' work is coordinated by Polina Medvedeva, a Russian-Dutch film director and artist based in Amsterdam. Together with Murmansk students and filmmakers, she will explore the invisible layers of Murmansk and create a series of alternative video diaries of the city. On Saturday, at the conference, we will see the results of the children’s work and Murmansk through the eyes of its young residents.

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