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Oleg Khadartsev(Russia, Murmansk) — visual artist, creative director of Fridaymilk Hilde Sørstrøm(Norway, Tromsø) — art critic, founder of on-line magazine Aleksandr Timofeev(Russia, Pskov-Moscow) — digital artist, co-founder of artistic community Fluc28 Dmitry Ulmer-Morozov(Russia, Moscow) — digital artist, co-founder of artistic community Fluc28

Kelp Congress Doc 2019

On 27 and 28 September 2019, Lofoten International Art Festival and Fridaymilk will organise a two-day Speculative Documentation Lab in Lofoten, Norway.

Speculative Documentation is a laboratory where participants from Russia and Norway immerse into the festival and create an issue of a digital zine with alternative stories of the place by the help of varied tools like text, photo, video, design and sound.

The Speculative Documentation Lab now invites researchers, journalists, writers, designers, photographers, film makers, field recorders based in the North-West Russia and Northern Norway to apply for participation in the digital storytelling. During the stay in Lofoten, the participants will follow the five arms of LIAF, documenting the alternative North through the prism of culture and art. The Lab offers to expand perception of the North, immerse into the unique universe of Lofoten International Art Festival and become a part of the editorial team of this digital zine issue.

During the Speculative Documentation Lab, participants will be guided by Fluc28, digital artist duo, presented by Aleksandr Timofeev and Dmitry Ulmer-Morozov. These two experts will work on the visual style of this zine edition and share insights with participants.

The Lab will be facilitated by Oleg Khadartsev, representative of the Russian art and media collective Fridaymilk and Hilde Sørstrøm, Norwegian art critic and editor of the on-line magazine

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