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Petr Makarov (Russia, Murmansk) — musician, composer Tonya Gorbacheva(Russia, Murmansk) — filmmaker, graphic designer Oleg Khadartsev (Russia, Murmansk) — visual artist, curator

Isonation Gallery 2020

Isonation gallery is a group digital art project in the wake of the turbulent development of spring 2020 created by the united team of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, designers and media artists from Murmansk. This is an artistic statement on the theme of the global epidemic crisis and a reflection on the theme of «isolation», which the artists identified as the main one for further artistic research.

On March 16, 2020, a «patient zero» of COVID-19 was registered in Murmansk. From that moment on, official statistics and new norms of existence for all residents of the region began.

A joint team of Murmansk artists, with the curatorial support of Fridaymilk team, reflected on all the experience, fears, uncertainty, hopes and confusion of these days. As a result, by the fall of 2020, a team of artists and curators had created a series of creative statements of their own interpretation of the current situation around the virus spread in their hometown, country and the world. Stereotypes, myths, rumours, emotions, everyday difficulties and reactions in the media space – all these were reflected in the artwork.

Project is supported by Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation.

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