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Petr Makarov (Russia, Murmansk) — musician, composer Tonya Gorbacheva(Russia, Murmansk) — filmmaker, graphic designer Oleg Khadartsev (Russia, Murmansk) — visual artist, curator

Isonation Gallery 2020

School of digital art is the alternative education project for both beginners and professional artists. It includes a series of master-classes, workshops and lectures in the sphere of technological art and new media. Under the curatorial expertise of school masters, the participants will develop their skills and try to create individual or group project like light projections, audiovisual performances, installations, film screenings and music.

The project gathers amateur and professional artists and curators who want to enhance their artistic practice with the new art forms. The project will result in the series of individual and collaborative works of participants and will be presented at the Murmansk regional scientific library.

Project is supported by Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation.

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