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Victor Tyapkov(Russia, Arkhangelsk) — graphic designer, curator

Mythical Atlas 2021

This is a two-month project that combines artistic practices from graphic and poster design and educational elements from the lecturers of the Laboratory. From November 2021 to February 2022, a joint team of laboratory participants will develop Mythical Atlas, a catalogue of fictional creatures, natural phenomena, minerals and plants. A group work will be held at the intersection of graphic design, art, mythology, biology and storytelling. Among the tools, besides the usual graphic editors tools, it is also Cinema4D and a multifunctional vvvv to be used.

This laboratory will be primarily useful for designers who would like to get out of the routine and look into the neighbouring territories. During the laboratory, led by Arkhangelsk-based visual artist Viktor Tyapkov, the participants will get to know each other, exchange experiences in an online format, continue to interact individually and in small groups, and as a final result present the new developed works in one of the gallery spaces of Inversia 2022 festival.

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