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Boris Shershenkov (Russia, St. Petersburg) — sound-artist, constructor of musical instruments 1999Q (Russia, Murmansk) — visual artist, experimental filmmaker

Field Recording Lab 2021

Field recording lab is a three-day art expedition which researches the sound landscapes above the Polar circle. The main locations are two industrial monotowns Apatity and Kirovsk which are situated at the bottom of the monumental mountain chain of the Kola Peninsula – the Khibiny mountains.

The project is going to take place at the unique time when the daylight is endlessly extended and the sun is on the horizon for 24 hours.

Field recording lab is the final stage of the international research project Murmansk Prospekt where artists from Russia and the Netherlands are exploring the Northern soviet heritage and the features of the Arctic urban territories.

Curators of the Lab: St. Petersburg based sound-artist Boris Shershenkov and Murmansk experimental filmmaker and visual artist 1999Q. Boris author of sound installations and performances, focusing on the experimental electronic and sound art. 1999Q is working with archives and moving images around idea of new Northern identity.


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