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Gleb Glonti (Russia, Moscow) — sound artist, Kotä Records founder Slava Krasnov (Russia, Murmansk) — musician, art-manager

Field Recording Lab 2020

New event from the series of Field Recording Lab sessions for sound artists and musicians working with noises of environment. The third release was an expedition to the tough fishing village on the Barents seashore on 3-5 February 2020.

We are going to research sounds of Arctic expanses, industrial voices and whispering tundra on the windy edge of the Earth, in Teriberka. It’s a three-day journey, where the project team is going to expand understanding and awareness of sounds that are constantly surrounding us in the extreme Northern conditions. Multilayered snow masses, boundless tundra and unhurried life of the small settlement facing the Arctic Ocean are in the program.

Curator of the Lab – Gleb Glonti – sound artist, curator, general producer of Kotä company and Experimental Music and Art (EMA) Expo. Local curator and guide – Slava Krasnov – musician, guide, author of electroacoustic project Jasnazima. Slava provides local stories and navigation, Gleb – capital expertise and excitement.

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