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Petr Makarov (Russia, Murmansk) — musician, composer BJ Nilsen (Netherlands/Sweden, Amsterdam) — sound artist, composer

Field Recording Lab 2018

It is three-day (1-3 of February 2018) field recording workshop in frames of international audiovisual festival Inversia. This workshop is aimed at artists, composers and musicians with a background in sound and field recording who would like to expand their understanding and awareness of sound, and enhance recording skills and their use of environmental sound. During the programme participants will investigate the sound of Murmansk: which consists of a wide palette of diverse sounds from the scarcely perceptible sound of tundra to industrial ambient with rattling noises of cranes and port trains.

The participants will research Murmansk spaces and create a sound piece under the guidance of Petr Makarov, musician and composer from Murmansk, and BJ Nilsen, a composer and experimental music producer from Amsterdam.

BJ Nilsen (SE/NL) is a composer and sound artist based in Amsterdam. His work primarily focuses on the sounds of nature and how they affect humans. Recent work has explored the urban acoustic realm and industrial geography in the Arctic region of Norway and Russia. His original scores and soundtracks have featured in theatre, dance performances and film, in collaborations with Chris Watson, Gaspar Noé, Jóhann Jóhannsson and others.

Petr Makarov (RU) is a composer, musician and sound producer based in Murmansk, who regularly takes part in chamber and orchestral projects in Murmansk Philharmonic Hall and internationally. Makarov is a full-time composer at the Murmansk Puppet theatre. He is an author of music scores for series of documentary and feature films like "Styd" by Usup Razykov, "Doroga v Arktiku","Boitsy" by RecA studio.

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