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Hilde Sørstrøm (Norway, Tromsø) — art critic, founder

Critical Writing Lab 2019

A new edition of laboratory for journalists, authors and critics, reflecting on art and culture in the icy latitudes. It is a platform for alternative media-studies of the High North and an expedition to festival events that takes place 7-9 February 2019. 

Program participants analyze approaches of Inversia artists, meet at the discussion with curators and actors of the North and develop the theme of northern identity search in conditions of multiple resources and languages of the Internet. Curator for the international team of authors is Hilde Sørstrøm – art critic, author and founder of platform, narrating about the modern art scene of Northern Norway.

It is the first meeting of art critics and authors in frames of collaborative project between Lofoten International Art Festival and Inversia festival, which will be launched at laboratory in Murmansk and continued in Lofoten in autumn 2019.

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