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Hilde Sørstrøm (Norway, Tromsø) — art critic, founder Maria Sarycheva (Russia, Moscow) — curator, art critic, co-editor

Critical Writing Laboratory 2018

Another release of wroting laboratory for authors and critics, who are writing about culture and art. The Laboratory will be held in Murmansk 1-3 February 2018 in frames of audiovisual festival Inversia. International team of authors continues to think about geographical and cultural isolation of Northern territory and challenging mutual relations between the centre and periphery.

During three working days, project participants will immerse in the viscous atmosphere of industrial Murmansk, which will be gradually coming out from Polar Night and go through all Inversia festival programme. Authors will represent the results of their research on two media platforms, writing about the contemporary art: Russian resource ( and Norwegian (

The international team of critics will be curated by two experts from Russia and Norway: Maria Sarycheva - curator, art critic, co-editor of independent online-magazine about contemporary culture and art and Hilde Sørstrøm - art critic, author and founder of platform, narrating about the modern art scene of Northern Norway.


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