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Andrey Pticin(Russia, Petrozavodsk) — street/mural artists, curator of "Polosa Otvoda" festival Philipp Guzeev(Russia, Saint-Petersburg) — engineer, media artist, musician Aleksandr Timofeev(Russia, Pskov) — digital artist, co-founder of artistic community Fluc28

Reality Third Syktyvkar

Reality Third Lab is a series of interactive installations, lectures and workshops on intersections between technologies, art and communities. The Lab presents Northern AR/VR projects and initiates meetings in cities of the Northwest. 

In Syktyvkar we introduce the series of events at the Komi Republic National Gallery and in Revolt-centre. 

At the gallery we open the exhibition of Petrozavodsk-based street artist Andrey Pticin that is complemented with a multitude of invisible digital layers in augmented reality, created by Aleksandr Timofeev and Philipp Guzeev. As well, we open the Digital Heritage installation – a subjective version of pomor museum in virtual reality that was created by an international team of artists and curators at the uncapitals residency. 

In Revolt-centre we recap the working process of the Lab in Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk and choose the format of panel discussion to think over the technological art forms and subculture movements. 

The Lab project is supported by curatorial platform Fridaymilk (Murmansk), Gallery of Industrial History (Petrozavodsk) and Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation.

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