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Andrey Pticin(Russia, Petrozavodsk) — street/mural artists, curator of "Polosa Otvoda" festival Philipp Guzeev(Россия, Санкт-Петербург) — инженер, медиахудожник, музыкант Aleksandr Timofeev(Russia, Pskov) — digital artist, co-founder of artistic community Fluc28

Reality Third Petrozavodsk

In Petrozavodsk, the Lab holds a workshop for designers, graphic and digital artists and also presents the installation of Pomor museum in VR. 

Design workshop:

Under the guidance of the experts from Saint-Petersburg, Pskov, and Petrozavodsk participants are going to develop a collaborative art piece that includes street-art, posters, and AR. It is a two-day seminar on combinations of digital and analog art forms, design-reconstruction of the street-art culture and an opportunity to use one’s skills in a new space. AR-mural created during the workshop will stay present as long as it manages to hold to the wall. 

Digital Heritage installation:

It is the result of the previous collaboration of Northern tech-artists. A subjective local museum of Pomor culture was created after the art-expedition to Onega and Vorzogory (Arkhangelsk region). Eventually, Pomor lifestyle and fisherman’s tales were reconsidered in pop-culture and virtual reality. 

The Lab project is supported by curatorial platform Fridaymilk (Murmansk), Gallery of Industrial History (Petrozavodsk) and Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation.


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