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Philipp Guzeev (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) — engineer, media artist, musician Andrey Pticin(Russia, Petrozavodsk) — street/mural artists, curator of "Polosa Otvoda" festival Aleksandr Timofeev (Russia, Pskov) — 3D designer, member of artistic community Fluc28

Reality Third Murmansk

Reality Third is a research project that includes a series of interactive installations, lections and workshops on intersections between technologies, art and communities. The project takes a start on Inversia:Rexit festival and then moves across the cities of the Northwest while focusing on relations between technologies and street-art. 

In Murmansk we link street art and digital art with the help of AR and VR. Framed by the gallery space and a specially constructed VR-room, street artists are working on their own original art pieces, and exhibition attendees are trying to pierce into that process with the AR-app. The Lab for us is an access to the inner world of an author and a possibility to catch their intentions, as well as an endeavour to influence the final art piece that is being formed in real-time. We left the option to conclude the artists’ work to the exhibition attendees and after that to establish the gallery of the mosaics created in that particular place. 

The Lab project is supported by curatorial platform Fridaymilk (Murmansk), Gallery of Industrial History (Petrozavodsk) and Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development Foundation.

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