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Radioarctica project explores the life of the Northern regions and people living in this area. Developing the concept of the Nordic identity, we are sure that our geographical neighborhood and unique history have a common ideology among the peoples of several countries living in the North.

The project is imagined as a constantly expanding web-based platform with video and sound extracts that engage in dialogue on an ever-increasing range of political, social, cultural and ecological issues and provide contemplation on the challenges the region has been facing and motivation to address the considerable outflow of population from the North.

As the result it is a collection of several unrelated pieces of stories and "confessions of love" to the own region or people inhabiting it. The project sets out to explore the life of the Northern European regions and people living in these areas. Radioarctica examines the common history of the populations in the area as well as their shared geographical frame of reference by presenting an alternative mapping of opinions and experiences that go beyond the politically motivated identity formation efforts and their paradoxes.

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