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New Chapter

A mobile library envisioned by a Norwegian-Russian team of curators and artists, featuring Komafest, Vardø Restored project and project platform Fridaymilk, will reconnect two coastal Pomor trade towns, Vardø (Varangerfjørd) and Teriberka (Kola peninsula).

The project team intends to build a common knowledge base that facilitates strengthening of historical partnership between the towns which are long gone. This will also create new opportunities for cultural exchange.

The project "New Chapter" aims to transform out-of-use wagon for maintenance workers into a library and a unique meeting place for locals and guests. Thus the library becomes a way to reconnect old Pomor towns and an alternative to Pomor trade: instead of fish and timber, books will become the common heritage for people of Vardø and Teriberka to exchange.

There will be an emphasis on voluntary participation of local people in order to define the social status and cultural identity of the "mobile library". Mutual dialogue, various seminars devoted to the local traditions and highlighting Pomor culture and food will contribute to the Northern culture revival and stop Pomor community from dissolution.

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