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Invited guests

Evgenia Serova (Russia, Moscow) — the head of FAO office in Moscow. Alexander Svinin (Russia, Moscow) — the head of «Perspektiva» fund which supports civic engagement in small towns and rural regions. Alexey Shadrin (Russia, Moscow) — the general manager of the «Russian Carbon» fund. Alexey Baryshkin (Russia, Murmansk) — the general director of Murmansk region developmentcorporation. Olga Yagodina (Russia, Republic Karelia) — the founder of «Salt artel». Oleg Stepanov (Russia, Moscow) — entrepreneur of the first saltery in Teriberka


Julia Chernichuk (Russia, Murmansk)

Teriberka discussions

Teriberka Discussions is a joint project of Fridaymilk, Murmansk based curating platform and moscow group Bolshaya Zemlya, project developing of the province territories, as part of II «Teriberka. New life» festival.

It is a discussion platform where the invited speakers and audience freely discuss the burning issues of their region and reflect upon their interests. It is a public discussion with invited entrepreneurs and active businessmen to exchange the experience in the development of rural regions and small towns. There are success stories, small business cases to be presented, also the burning issues in economy, social and culture life of the region to be discussed.

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