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Invited guests

Morgan Alexander Ip (Canada) — PhD researcher in Urbanism and landscape Veronika Vologzhannikova (Russia, Murmansk) — artist, teacher at Children art school in Murmansk. Anton ’Make’ Polsky (Russia, St. Petersburg) — street artist, designer, co-curator Partizaning project. Maria Troshina (Russia, Moscow) — curator, Development Director of GORODA festival. Oleg Khadartsev (Russia, Murmansk) — curator, co-organizer creative camp UnCapitals. Andreas Hoffman (Norway) — art-director International festival Barents Spektakel


Sabina Chagina (Russia, Moscow) — curator, founder of Street art Biennale in Moscow and creative association - Artmossphere


Mai_IjunRussia, Murmansk) — #experimental #poetic Prince Champagne#shoegaze #garage #lo-fi_pop

Art in public space

In the framework of IV Murmansk Business week, Fridaymilk and Pikene på Broen collaborated for the first «Transborder Кухня (Kitchen)». The concept for the collaboration comes form both organizations successful public panel discussion and interview/talk-show platforms. The subject of discussion at the first Transborder Кухня was ‘The Sustainability of Public Art in the Barents Region’.

Together with the speakers and audience we would like to discuss different forms of artists expressions in public. How to reuse traditional city walls and streets from different perspectives. We will hear the success stories of cooperation between artists, politicians and businessmen in culture, get to know the local artists and try to indicate the main difficulties for the artists and curators now.

To learn how the new forms of artist interaction into public space could change the city and fill up new meanings to familiar places and sites.

Sponsored by: Fritt Ord and The Norwegian Barents Secretariat

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