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Invited guests

Anna Popova (Russia, Murmansk)— head of tourism development department of Murmansk region Gavin Bell (Canada)— tourism development expert, UNWTO advisor Oleg Birlinskii (Russia, Murmansk)— founder and director of "New York Coffee" time-cafe Andrey Purtov (Russia, Moscow)— head of "Branding" course at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow Frank de Vit (Netherlands)— director of local tour operator "Kola Travel" Oleg Sobolev (Russia, Moscow)— journalist, music critic, editor in "IO" project


Frosset (Russia, Murmansk)

Life in Arctic

Life in Arctic: live or leave?

Within the 3rd International Business Week in Murmansk Fridaymilk team and the Government of Murmansk region are inviting to discuss what life in Arctic is. How is life going on here beyond the Polar Circle? What is Arctic meaning for you? Are you wasting time or great opportunities here?

Let’s compare notes with our guests, who have their own formula for success by living here and not here. This panel discussion is to ask for simple questions that couldn’t be answered easily.

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Life in Arctic /